Wild Ribbons

Paris, Place de la Nation — 2015

To animate the eastern area (La place de la nation ) of Paris , I reached to a system of a connected ribbon who self adapts in it’s functional aspects facing each corner of this square ( which connects Paris to it’s eastern suburb ), this ribbon goes down with people into the subway area in all levels as “stair railing” and makes spaces beside the trains , comes up and makes moves on the ground to make compatibles spaces with every part the square , benches and etc .


I started with interviewing people in different hours of the day and different days of the week , and also some geographical researches on the city maps ( since 1850 ) to see it’s changes during the time and it’s importance and functions .The results were stunning , there was an immense range of people from kids to old ones passing their time there, and the square has more potentials than being just a square to those people (who are going home after their work in Paris toward suburbs ) .


I concluded the researches to a problematic which was an abandoned square place full of social and geographical potentials , and to give a solution I tried to do it more minimal possible as the square was already so crowded with a huge variety of people in different social levels , so I just put that in mind that here “The less is more” is the key , so just one item which changes it’s quality of function facing different areas and people , and that was pretty difficult to keep in mind the underground/on the ground , kids/old , free-times/working time ,… all these contradictory aspects together and answer them with one and only one solution